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My interest in photography & cinematography began early as I recall analyzing the tunnel scenes from the sixties movie "The Great Escape".  My father innocently fueled that interest by bringing home a glass prism that he had found.  I spent countless hours breaking down light into its individual components, building pinhole cameras, experimenting with light and magnifying lenses... and eagerly acted as the class projectionist. 

Gawking at pricey 35mm SLR cameras behind glass display cases did little to convince my working class immigrant parents to purchase one, so...  the Kodak 126 Instamatic had to do for a while yet.  The high school years finally brought some practical photographic experience, which guided my interest to motion picture photography.

I learned the film business from the ground up, literally, "sweeping studio floors" as a P.A. (Production Assistant), but my desire to become a DP quickly advanced me through to the Lighting Department.  There, I gained valuable experience on various dramas, commercials, music videos and industrials.  Subsequent work as a Gaffer honed my lighting skills to the point where I was ready to make the next logical transition...  in 1987, I began to promote myself as a Director of Photography and to build my portfolio to its current status of...



I am not working with an agent at this time... please call or e-mail me directly.

On long term projects such as movies and TV series (excluding commercials), I will work as a local in most Canadian film industry markets.  Please call to discuss your specific project.